what's security chips?

what's security chips?

The security chip of a hardware wallet usually refers to the Secure Element (SE). SE is a tamper-proof microprocessor chip, capable of securely storing data, encryption and decryption operations through unique security components and chip operating system (COS). Security chips are commonly used in IC card, SD card, SIM card, eSE, USB security key, wearable devices, etc.

How do you measure the security of a chip? 

In 1999, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established a framework, ISO/IEC 15408 - Information technology -- Security techniques -- Evaluation criteria (also known as Common Criteria or CC) for IT security.

CC, the world's most rigorous security system assessment guideline, contains a set of requirements for the security functions of IT products and systems, increases users’ confidence in the security of IT products, promotes the security of systems and eliminates repeated evaluations.

A numerical grade (EAL1 through EAL7) will be assigned to security chips after they complete Common Criteria security evaluation. The higher the level, the more security assurance requirements need to be met. And each assurance level needs to be evaluated from multiple perspectives.

EAL4+ and EAL5+ products are commonly used in the financial industry, and EAL 6+ has reached the military level.

imKey Pro uses the CC EAL6 + security chip and has the following security features:

  • Built-in true random number generator;
  • Dual-core CPU, one for program execution, one for security detection;
  • All CPU registers have mask function;
  • All NVM and RAM are encrypted and have special integrity verification protection;
  • Equipped with temperature, voltage, frequency, light sensors and special protection net;
  • Equipped with DES, AES and a co-processor for PKI operations.

The key to crypto assets security is the private key, which is actually a string of random numbers. The security of the random number directly affects that of the private key. The chip built in imKey uses a true random number generator, which usually generates random numbers from thermal noise. It has strong randomness, a high level of security, and is difficult to predict. Therefore the security of your assets stored through imKey is ensured since that of the private key is guaranteed.