A Better Offline Digital Assets Custody Solution

A Better Offline Digital Assets Custody Solution

For digital assets, mnemonic is the most critical security information. Keep the following points in mind when backing up them:

  • Digital assets cannot be recovered once mnemonic is lost.
  • Others have control over your assets once mnemonic is compromised.

According to relevant data, 66.3% of all digital asset attacks are due to the leakage of mnemonic words caused by remote attacks in an internet-connected environment. So how can we avoid such attacks and protect assets well?

Put your small assets in software wallets while big assets in hardware wallets.

This is recognized as the best assets management solution. Generating and keeping your mnemonics under a completely offline environment with hardware wallet turns out to be a safer and wiser choice.

imToken recommends a double protection offline asset management solution from imKey hardware wallet.

Protection 1: Offline generation and storage of mnemonics in a non-networked environment throughout the entire process, and transactions requiring offline secondary physical confirmation.

imKey Pro hardware wallet (cold wallet) provides an excellent offline asset storage solution to ensure that your mnemonic phrases are generated and stored offline without being connected to the Internet, eliminating online risks! At the same time, the physical signature method is required to confirm the transfer, and the operation is safe and reliable!



Protection 2: Mnemonic offline storage with physical equipment.

imKey Secret Box provides an excellent physical offline storage method for mnemonic phrases. The whole body is made of stainless steel, which is waterproof, fireproof and anti-corrosion, avoiding various unexpected situations of regular offline storage and ensuring the safety of your mnemonic phrases!



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