I lost imKey Pro, can I get my assets back?

I lost imKey Pro, can I get my assets back?

Some friends often worry when buying imKey Pro: if imKey Pro is lost, can my assets be recovered? Will it be lost together?

Here is a typical misunderstanding of digital asset management: thinking that assets are stored in imKey Pro. But in fact imKey Pro is a decentralized hardware wallet, your digital assets are on the blockchain, not stored in imKey Pro.

imKey Pro is a tool for managing assets on the blockchain. If the tool is lost, you can buy it again or change it.

How to get your assets back?

In the blockchain world, the mnemonic is the only proof of asset ownership. No matter if the wallet is damaged, lost, or the manufacturer runs away and other uncertain factors, as long as the mnemonic is kept, the assets can be retrieved.

So if imKey Pro is lost, the assets can be retrieved by any of the following methods

  • Re-purchase an imKey Pro and use the mnemonic to restore the wallet to retrieve the assets;
  • Import the mnemonic phrase into imToken or other wallets that support the BIP39 protocol to restore the wallet and retrieve the assets.

    P.S. If you don't know BIP39, then look for imToken.

    Proper use of hardware wallets

    The hardware wallet is a special security device. In the case of product security, how to use the hardware wallet correctly is also crucial.

    Check equipment

    When you get the hardware wallet, don't rush to use it, you need to check 👇 three points

    • Check the courier: confirm that the courier is in good condition and that the place of shipment is the official address;
    • Check the irreversible seal: tear the irreversible seal into a complete letter;
    • Check the device interface: the interface of the inactive device is Select Language - Device Bluetooth Name.

    P.S. If you find any problem after receiving imKey Pro, please contact imKey customer service staff for help as soon as possible.

    backup mnemonic

    Having a mnemonic is equivalent to having the ownership of the wallet, so backing up the mnemonic is the top priority.

    • Backup mnemonics: Use physical media to back up as much as possible, such as copying on paper with a pen/using imKey mnemonic secret box gold-steel version, etc. Resolutely do not take screenshots or take pictures and put them in a networked device to prevent hackers steal;
    • Verifying the mnemonic: Verify the backup mnemonic is correct for many times. Once you copy one or two words wrong, it will bring huge difficulties to the subsequent recovery of the correct mnemonic.

    Tips: If the wallet has no assets, you can reset imKey Pro multiple times - use the mnemonic phrase to restore wallet verification.

    Small value transfer

    The biggest difference between a centralized wallet and a decentralized wallet is that the private key is self-sustaining, and it controls its own assets, but the threshold for users has also become higher. For those who use decentralized wallets for the first time, it is recommended to transfer small-value assets for transfer experience to ensure that digital assets can be transferred in and out smoothly, and then transfer large-value assets in.

    Maintaining the battery

    Lithium batteries have their own wear and tear. If the battery is not used for a long time, if the power of the device is empty before storage, its own wear and tear will increase the internal resistance of the battery and shorten the battery life.

    storage method:

    • Before long-term storage, it is recommended to fully charge and store;
    • Every other month, take it out for charging and discharging maintenance.

    At last

    Safety is no small matter. About how to better use hardware wallets to control digital assets, imKey is very happy to discuss and communicate with you. If you have any ideas, welcome to communicate with us.

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    Official discord:https://discord.gg/xuxeyBBHTC

    Official Email: support@imkey.im