imKey Pro 硬體錢包
imKey Pro 硬體錢包
imKey Pro 硬體錢包
imKey Pro 硬體錢包
imKey Pro 硬體錢包
imKey Pro 硬體錢包
imKey Pro 硬體錢包


imKey Pro 硬體錢包

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  • 【安全第一】imKey Pro 硬件钱包采用英飞凌 CC EAL 6+ 芯片,EMVCo 双重安全认证,确保私钥真随机,给用户最高级别的安全保障。

  • 【值得信赖】imKey Pro 是一款以用户为导向的硬件钱包,上市 5 年,我们不断更新我们的 imKey Pro 以满足加密资产所有者的需求。

  • 【支持公链】imKey Pro 硬件钱包支持 ETH、BTC、COSMOS、EOS、TRX、CKB、BCH、LTC、KSM、DOT、FIL 在内的 11 条公链及其链上资产。此外,通过自定义节点功能,你可将 ETH 钱包快速切换到 Arbitrum 和 Optimism 等主流 Layer2 网络的钱包以及 BSC、Avalanche、Polygon 等主流 EVM 兼容链的钱包。

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    We offer free returns within 30 days. All you have to do is fill out the return slip that you received in your package and stick the prepaid label on the package.
    Please note that it can take 2 weeks for us to process your return. We will do our best to complete this process as soon as possible.

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    We accept payments with :
    Credit cards and crypto currencies.

    The Best Hardware Wallet To
    Store Your Crypto Assets

    Invested by imtoken-12 imToken

    The Best Hardware Wallet To
    Store Your Crypto Assets

    Invested by imtoken-12 imToken

    Protect With Security Chip
    At Anytime.

    Infineon Security Chip At Anytime.

    Choose infineon produced SLE 78CLUFX5000PH chip with CC EAL6
    high EMVCo dual security certification, to ensure that really random,
    to give users the highest level of security.
    Understand imKey security mechanism

    Multi-layer Protection

    Private Keys Generated

    Transaction Confirmed
    By Physical Button

    Binding Code

    PIN Code Supported

    Unique SN Code

    Irreversible Seal

    Visual signature

    Official Verify

    Manage The Crypto Assets Everywhere.

    Mobile-friendly, super thin and portable,
    simple and easy to use.

    Easy to Use, Beyond Your Expectation

    2.3mm Ultra-thin & light
    Smaller than credit card
    Only 8.1g Weight
    Super easy to carry
    Bluetooth Supported
    Use it anywhere when you need
    Deep compatible With imToken
    Deep compatible With imToken
    BIP 39 Protocol Supported
    In common use with the popular wallets
    Firmware Upgrade
    Extend more cryptocurrencies and features
    USB Connection Supported
    Seamless use it cross-platform
    Online Support Ready
    One-year quality assurance service

    Explore The
    Crypto Service of imKey

    Support Multiple Crypto Assets

    More tokens will be supported in the future
    via firmware updates.











    USDT: TRC20 / ERC20 / Omni

    ERC20 / TRC20 Tokens

    Easily switch and access EVM chains and Layer2

    All EVM chains are accessible by customizing RPCs, so you can easily switch among different chains (BSC、Polygon、Avalanche、Fantom、Harmony etc.)

    imKey is also a L2 friendly wallet by supporting ZK Rollup and Optimism Roll up, so users can easily access zkSync、Arbitrum and Optimism to explore the L2.

    imKey Hardware Wallet Seamlessly Integrates With imToken Wallet


    What People Say

    I've been using the imKey Pro hardware wallet for a few years. It's safe and easy to use, and I can switch between different networks such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Arbitrum, and Optimism with just one click. If you have been using imToken for a long time too, I strongly recommend you to use it together with imKey Pro to experience a comfortable and silky smooth experience.


    Crypto YouTuber


    Appearance & Weight

    Size: 64mm x 38mm x 2.3mm
    Weight: 8.1g
    Material: PC face-plate + Zinc alloy shell
    Color: Black & Others

    Battery Performance

    Type: Lithium-ion polymer battery
    Battery capacity:
    33 mAh (about 4 weeks after full charge)

    Working Requirements

    Input voltage: DC 5.0V
    Working temperature: 0 °C ~ 50 °C

    Working Method

    Connection: Bluetooth/USB
    Uprade: Firmware Upgrade Supported

    What are included in the Package?

    Package Weight: 214g
    Package Size: 100mm x 100mm 30mm

    imKey Pro x 1

    Folding Paper Box x 1

    Manual x 1

    USB Cable x 1

    Recovery Seed Cards x 2


    imkey is a decentralized hardware wallet, and even if imkey ceases operations, you can recover the imKey wallet by Mnemonic Phrase in any decentralized wallet that supports the BIP's 9 standard.Caution: Do not import the imkey hardware wallet's Mnemonic Phrase into the software wallet in non-emergency situations.

    imkey wallet uses a PIN protection mechanism; if someone enters the wrong PIN five times in a row, imkey will be reset, and all sensitive information in the wallet will be emptied (your encrypted assets are not affected), thus securing the wallet.After a hardware wallet is lost or stolen, we recommend that you purchase a new hardware wallet as soon as possible to regain control of your digital assets through your mnemonic phrase.

    If uncertainty, such as an imkey being lost or damaged, occurs, assets can be recovered in any of the following ways.1. re-purchasing an imkey, importing a previously backed up helper at imkey, and restoring the wallet to retrieve the assets.2. import the Mnemonic Phrase into imToken or other wallets that support the BIP39 protocol, and restore the wallet to recover the assets.P.S. If you don't know BIP39, then just download imToken.

    Since hardware wallet is a special security product, in order to guarantee quality service and reduce supply chain security risks, we support unopened returns within 7 days and new exchanges within one year for non-human-caused quality problems, but cannot provide any repair services.

    "For any imkey usage questions, please go to the imkey Help Center to check it out."