imKey 密盒 P1
imKey 密盒 P1
imKey 密盒 P1
imKey 密盒 P1
imKey 密盒 P1
imKey 密盒 P1


imKey 密盒 P1

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支援 12-24 位元的助記詞離線存儲

密盒 P1 支援遵循 BIP39 協議的 12-24 位的助記詞存放。 BIP39 是區塊鏈開發者為了方便用戶保存金鑰而提出的協議,大多數主流錢包都遵循 BIP39 協議產生助記詞。

所有單字均來自 BIP39 單字表,2048 個常用英文單字的特定清單。 每個單字的前 4 個字母都不同(包括只有 3 個字母的單字),這意味著你只使用單字的前 4 個字母就可以獲得完整的助記詞。

透過離線存儲,密盒 P1 徹底消除了攻擊者透過網路竊取金鑰的可能性,讓你的資產遠離駭客攻擊。


密盒 P1 的字元區塊集包含字母區塊(大小寫 A-Z)、數字區塊(0-9)和 ASCII 字元區塊。 因此,除了儲存你的助記詞,密盒 P1 還可以儲存你的私鑰和自訂高強度密碼。




304 級不銹鋼材質,防水防腐


8 顆螺絲加固


支援 12 - 24 位助記詞存放





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Ultimate Protection

12-24 Word Seed (Mnemonic) Offline Storage Supported

Secret Box Pro supports 12-24 word seed (mnemonic) following BIP39 protocol. BIP39 is a protocol proposed by blockchain developers for the convenience of users to keep their secret keys. Majority of the mainstream wallets follow the BIP39 protocol to generate mnemonics.

All the words come from the BIP39 word list, a specific list of 2048 common English words.The first 4 letters of each word are different(including the words that only have 3 letters), which means that you can get the full word of the mnemonic using only the first 4 letters.

By offline storage, Secret Box Pro completely eliminates the possibility of attackers stealing secret keys through the network and keeps your assets away from hacker attacks.

Meeting the Needs of Keeping Private Keys or Passwords

The character block set of Secret Box Pro contains alphabet blocks (uppercase/lowercase AZ), number blocks(0-9) and ASCII character blocks. Therefore, in addition to storing your mnemonics, Secret Box Pro can also store your private keys and customized high-strength passwords.


Reinforced by 8 screws


Support 12, 18 and 24
BIP39 word seed(mnemonic)

Avoid Loss

Avoid accidentally throwing away like a piece of paper


Twice of
fire-resistance rating of
ordinary residential buildings

Waterproof & Anti-corrosion

304 stainless steel, waterproof and anti-corrosion


Completely eliminates
the possibility of attackers
stealing secret keys through the network

Step 1

Open the HeirBOX P1

Step 2

Unlock the Cover Panel

Step 3

Open the Cover Panel

Step 4

Enter Your Characters

Step 5

Enter Your Characters

Step 6

Use Lock or Irreversible Seal

Best Practice of Sensitive Information Backup

We are waiting for more best practices from our users, let us know via
and get a chance to win rewards.


Support the backup and encryption of mnemonics(12-24 words).At the same time, in order to better identify the wallet, Secret Box Pro supports the backup of the wallet address and binding code. Double encryption supported.

Private Key

Support the backup of a 64-character private key and its double encryption.


The character block set contains alphabet blocks(uppercase/lowercase AZ), number blocks(0-9) and ASCII character blocks. Supports the storage of passwords generated by 1password, Google Password Manager, etc.

Secret Key Backup Comparison

  HeirBOX P1 HeirBOX S1 Stamping Sculpture Paper
Setup Time Fast Fast Slow Slow Fast
Reusability / Correction
Random ASCII String


Size: 86mm x 86mm x 6mm
Weight: 260g
Packaging material : EVA

304 stainless steel case and character block

Number of characters:
520 character blocks (including 1040 English characters)

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