imKey 高階全家桶
imKey 高階全家桶
imKey 高階全家桶
imKey 高階全家桶
imKey 高階全家桶


imKey 高階全家桶

Sale price$169.00 USD

imKey 高階全家桶包含:1 個 imKey Pro 硬體錢包、1 個 密盒 P1、1 個專屬卡包

imKey Pro 硬體錢包:選擇 CC EAL6+ 安全晶片,最高安全等級,隨時隨地購買、出售和轉移你的加密資產。

密盒 P1:高階助記詞保管器,全 ASCII 字符,支援二次加密。 防水、防火、防腐蝕且完全離線,隔離一切潛在風險。

專屬卡包:保護錢包避免刮擦,方便保管和攜帶 imKey,讓你隨時隨地使用。

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Budget-Friendly Choice, Meets All Your Needs

imKey Pro Hardware Wallet
Generate, store the recovery seeds
offline, never touch the internet.
imKey HeirBOX P1
Multiple protection, to isolate
all potential physical risks.
Leather Case
To protect your imKey Pro from scratches
and bumps.

imKey Pro Hardware Wallet

Choose CC EAL6 security chip, the highest level of security,
Buy, sell and transfer your cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere.

imKey HeirBOX P1

imKey HeirBOX P1 provides the most secure way to protect your crypto wallet recovery seed, Physically keep your recovery phrase away from hackers and other unexpected damages.

Leather Case

Choose CC EAL6 security chip, the highest level of security,
Buy, sell and transfer your cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere.


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imkey is a decentralized hardware wallet, and even if imkey ceases operations, you can recover the imKey wallet by Mnemonic Phrase in any decentralized wallet that supports the BIP's 9 standard.Caution: Do not import the imkey hardware wallet's Mnemonic Phrase into the software wallet in non-emergency situations.

imkey wallet uses a PIN protection mechanism; if someone enters the wrong PIN five times in a row, imkey will be reset, and all sensitive information in the wallet will be emptied (your encrypted assets are not affected), thus securing the wallet.After a hardware wallet is lost or stolen, we recommend that you purchase a new hardware wallet as soon as possible to regain control of your digital assets through your mnemonic phrase.

If uncertainty, such as an imkey being lost or damaged, occurs, assets can be recovered in any of the following ways.1. re-purchasing an imkey, importing a previously backed up helper at imkey, and restoring the wallet to retrieve the assets.2. import the Mnemonic Phrase into imToken or other wallets that support the BIP39 protocol, and restore the wallet to recover the assets.P.S. If you don't know BIP39, then just download imToken.

Since hardware wallet is a special security product, in order to guarantee quality service and reduce supply chain security risks, we support unopened returns within 7 days and new exchanges within one year for non-human-caused quality problems, but cannot provide any repair services.

"For any imkey usage questions, please go to the imkey Help Center to check it out."