Hardware Wallet


A hardware wallet is a special electronic device that uses a secure chip to generate and store the private keys of encrypted digital assets to ensure their security and confidentiality. Compared to software wallets, hardware wallets are more secure because they are isolated from the network and less vulnerable to hacker attacks. Hardware wallets have physical buttons and display screens that allow users to sign transactions and view their digital asset balances and history. Common hardware wallets include imKey, Ledger, and CoolWallet.

硬體錢包就是使用安全晶片產生並儲存私鑰的特殊電子設備。 在加密數位資產的世界裡,私鑰是資產所有權的唯一證明,所以私鑰安全是加密數位資產持有者最關心的事情。

硬體錢包將私鑰保存在安全晶片中,完全隔絕網路。 透過這種方式存儲,私鑰就不會暴露給網路駭客,大大降低了私鑰外洩、被盜取的可能性。


  • 使用安全晶片產生和儲存私鑰
  • 完全隔絕網路免受駭客攻擊
  • 有實體按鈕和顯示交易資訊的螢幕
  • 所有交易透過硬體錢包簽名,應用程式不會接觸私鑰

常見的硬體錢包有:imKey、Ledger、Trezor 等。

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