Binding code security

Binding code security

What is the binding code?

Simply put, binding code is to strongly associate the mobile device used by the user with the account.  The imKey binding code is a string of 8-digit random numbers, consisting of numbers (0~9) and letters (excluding 0 and letter O, 1 and uppercase I). imKey adopts a similar security policy, binding imKey hardware wallet and APP (such as imToken wallet) one-to-one to prevent the wallet from being stolen or the loss of assets when the PIN code is leaked.

 How secure is the binding code?

First of all, the binding code is actually a string of random numbers. Because it is generated by the true random number generator of the security chip, its security level is the same as that of the private key.

Furthermore, after the binding code is generated, it will not be transmitted in any channel layer, but only displayed on the LCD screen of imKey. Users need to input the binding code in the imKey screen on the mobile terminal, which fundamentally avoids man-in-the-middle attacks. risk.

tips: It is recommended that you store the binding code and mnemonic together saf

When is the binding code generated?

New devices, specifically imKeys that have not been activated and have not created a wallet.

When imKey receives an access from an external APP for the first time, it will pop up and be generated, requiring input on the APP side, and binding after successful verification.

The old device refers to the imKey of the wallet that has been reset and the wallet has not been recreated.

When imKey is reset, the private key, seed, PIN, and binding code of the secure storage area will be reset. At this time, if an access from an external APP is received, it will pop up and be generated, requiring input on the APP side, and binding after successful verification Certainly.

What is the binding mechanism of imKey?

imKey is a one-to-one binding between imKey and the APP (such as imToken wallet) installed in the current mobile phone. If the APP is accidentally deleted, you need to re-download the APP and enter the binding code to re-bind.

If you lose or replace your phone?

When the user changes mobile phones, they need to download the APP again, and enter the binding code in the APP to re-bind.

What if the binding code is lost or forgotten?

After the binding code is lost, you can regenerate the binding code by resetting the wallet, but remember to make sure that the mnemonic has been backed up in advance. If the mnemonic is not backed up, after the wallet is reset, the assets will be forever Unable to retrieve.

What should I do if I have successfully bound but forgot to copy the backup?

Take imToken wallet as an example, open imToken, you can view it on the menu binding code page after successfully connecting the device in the imKey management interface.