imKey Pro Firmware Update Guide

imKey Pro Firmware Update Guide

This article explains how to use imKey Pro series products, including downloading and installing imKey Manager, connecting to imKey Pro, setting the binding code, setting the PIN code, and creating/recovering a wallet. In addition, it also explains how to update the firmware version of imKey Pro. Note that the update process takes time, please keep imKey connected and wait for the update to complete.


  • Only for imKey Pro Series Product.
  • Please connect to your computer for updates.

Download and install imKey Manager:

  • Visit imKey official website:, download and install imKey Manager (Windows/MacOS supported)

Connect to imKey Pro

  • Open imKey Manager, click “Get Started”

  • Remain imKey Pro disconnected with Bluetooth and connect it to your laptop via USB and follow the instructions.

imKey Pro Setting

1. Binding Code
  • The binding code is used for one-to-one binding between imKey Pro and your laptops.
  • Check the binding code on your imKey Pro.
    • Please refer to imToken App for your binding code if you have your imKey paired with imToken before.
    • Please check the binding code on your imKey Pro if you haven’t paired it with imToken App.
  • Enter the binding code (please carefully save your binding code)
  • Enter the binding code (please carefully save your binding code)
2. Click “Next”, follow the instructions and proceed with you imKey Pro
  1. Disconnect USB.
  2. Set the PIN code.
  3. Create / Recover Wallet (We recommend creating a new wallet in order to generate and keep your secret key offline).

Please refer to imKey official website > Get started > Initialize imKey Pro.

3. After Create/Recover wallet, reconnect the USB, click “Next”, finish checking all the security items, then click “Finish”

imKey Pro FIrmware Update

  • Setting(Firmware Update)
Note: Update takes longer time and your devices will restart several times, please keep your imKey connected.
  1. Visit “Setting” and your current firmware version will be checked, click “Update” if needed.
  2. Confirm on your imKey Pro to start updating.
  3. Wait until the update finishes.