Learn about imKey hardware wallet in one article

Learn about imKey hardware wallet in one article

This article helps you understand the past and present of the imKey hardware wallet, as well as its security mechanism

In the upcoming Web 3 world, data is an asset, and protecting digital assets is most crucially achieved by securely isolating critical data, such as private keys. As everyone knows, the phrase "NOT YOUR KEY, NOT YOUR COINS" is a warning to users to ensure the security of their private keys (core data).

We have always advised ordinary users to follow the best practice of "storing large assets in a hardware wallet and small assets in a hot wallet" to maximize the risk isolation of their digital assets, while also not putting all their eggs in one basket and always ensuring the security of their core assets before exploring various projects.

If you already have a hardware wallet and are a firm holder, congratulations, you have already prevented 99% of security issues (of course, hardware wallets also need to guard against phishing attacks and avoid granting authorization to unknown projects).

If you do not yet own a hardware wallet, then take a few minutes to read this article, as the imKey Pro is completely worth becoming your first hardware wallet.

Introduction to imKey

imKey was founded in 2018 by core members from blockchain wallet companies, financial institutions, and security hardware manufacturers. They have complementary backgrounds in embedded security and cryptocurrencies. From the very beginning, imKey received angel investment from the globally renowned blockchain wallet imToken and experienced rapid development.

imKey is dedicated to becoming a leading global provider of blockchain security infrastructure and solutions, ensuring users' encrypted assets are secure and not compromised. They have launched a series of security products, including the imKey Pro hardware wallet and the secret box.

The imKey Pro hardware wallet is the first in the industry to adopt the CC EAL6+ secure chip, providing users with the highest level of security. It is also the first to use Bluetooth to connect to a hardware wallet, making it easy to operate and user-friendly. At the application end, it is deeply integrated with imToken and can experience all kinds of imToken-supported applications without barriers. With over 12 million potential global users, imKey Pro has gained broad recognition from users and the industry after years of market verification.


For users who prioritize "security" when choosing a hardware wallet, what are the security features of imKey Pro?


Always Guarded by "Core"

The imKey Pro hardware wallet uses the Infineon-produced SLE78CLUFX5000PH chip, which has CC EAL6+ high and EMVCo dual security certification, ensuring that private keys are truly randomly generated and providing users with the highest level of security.

The SLE78CLUFX5000PH chip provides comprehensive error detection, self-checking dual CPUs, and fully encrypted data for the digital security solution "integrity protection," including CPU internal encryption calculation.

(Note: RZH1532 represents the production batch number of the SLE78CLUFX5000PH chip.)

The chip meets the Common Criteria EAL6+ (high) and EMVCo certifications.

The corresponding certificate can be viewed on the CC official website at https://www.commoncriteriaportal.org/files/epfiles/0879V4c_pdf.pdf

At the same time, the Public Security Target document indicates that the random number module of the chip has passed the SP 800-90B standard.

For details, please refer to https://www.commoncriteriaportal.org/files/epfiles/0879V4b_pdf.pdf



The SLE78CLUFX5000PH chip has a high-quality true random number generator to ensure that private key generation is truly random. It is widely used in the engineering practices throughout the entire product life cycle of imKey Pro, including but not limited to the following aspects:

  • Generation of the device's unique certificate key pair
  • Generation of connection authorization codes
  • Entropy generated when creating a wallet
  • Generation of the cipher storage key
  • Random numbers used in the signature process, such as the K value in 256K1 signature (RFC 6979 can also be used)
  • Establishment of the SCP11C secure channel for device management.

Security is more than just about "chips"

Real security is systemic security, not relying on a single point. Security chips are crucial for ensuring the security of hardware wallets and are the last line of defense, but they are not everything. imKey Pro has designed a complete set of security mechanisms, including:

Product security mechanism

  • Choosing infineon's secure chip ensures that private keys are truly generated at random.
  • Offline generation and storage of private keys, never connected to the internet.
  • Setting a device binding code, consisting of 8 random alphanumeric characters, for one-to-one binding between imKey and the imToken client (mobile phone) to prevent unauthorized access to imKey. The binding code mechanism effectively enhances the security of imKey, and if the imKey Pro needs to change the mobile phone binding, it must be verified by entering the binding code. Therefore, please make sure to back up the binding code properly.

Transaction security mechanism

1. PIN code is required when starting up.

  • The PIN code (full name Personal Identification Number) is used to verify the identity of the user of imKey. After opening imKey, the user will be required to set a PIN code to prevent the device from being stolen, which is an effective measure to protect asset security.
  • imKey uses physical button input, which ensures the security of PIN code input and greatly reduces the possibility of PIN code interception. To ensure the security of wallet assets, if the PIN code is entered incorrectly five times in a row, imKey will be forcibly reset, so please remember the set PIN code, once lost it cannot be reset or retrieved.
2. Visible signatures can verify the authenticity of transactions.
  • Through the liquid crystal display of imKey Pro, users can verify transaction key elements (transfer wallet address, transfer amount, etc.) for checking and signing, which effectively avoids incorrect transfers.
    3. Physical button confirmation is required for transfer transactions.
    • After checking the information on the imKey Pro screen, customers can submit or cancel the transaction through the physical button, which can effectively prevent remote hijacking attacks.

      Supply Chain Security Mechanism

      1. Setting irreversible seals
        • Irreversible seals are affixed to the outer packaging of the product, which can be discovered once opened, ensuring that the imKey Pro you receive is unopened!
          2. Point-to-point direct mail to reduce logistics risks
          • The factory ships all logistics packaging with anti-tamper measures and operates in a fully closed loop. All official orders are sent by official direct mail, with SF Express being the preferred option to ensure efficient and secure delivery of products.
            3. Providing official device authenticity verification services
            • If you have any questions, you can contact the official customer service through support@imkey.im for manual verification.

              Easy to use

              While prioritizing "security," imKey Pro fully considers usability. How does imKey demonstrate usability in which aspects?

              Manage your assets 24/7 anywhere

              ImKey Pro is extremely mobile-friendly, ultra-thin and easy to carry, and simple to use beyond your imagination.

              • Only 2.3mm thin, smaller than a credit card;
              • The device weighs only 8.1g, portable and easy to use;
              • Supports Bluetooth connection, ready to use anytime, anywhere;
              • Deeply compatible with imToken, easy to use for beginners.

              More than you think it's easy to use

              • Supports USB connection for cross-platform use;
              • Supports BIP39 protocol, compatible with mainstream wallets;
              • Open firmware upgrade, expandable to support more currencies and functions;
              • Online customer service for answering questions, providing one-year quality assurance services.



              Supported Cryptocurrencies

              • BTC, ETH, EOS, ATOM, FIL, TRX, DOT, KSM, BCH, LTC, CKB
              • TRC20 - USDT, ERC20 - USDT, Omni - USDT
              • ERC20, TRC20, and other tokens

              Custom Nodes, Switch EVM-Compatible Chains Easily

              • Through custom node settings, you can easily switch to EVM-compatible chains such as BSC, HECO, and Polygon.
              • Supports solutions such as zkSync and Arbitrum, making it easy to manage digital assets and use Layer2 ecosystem DApps.

              Seamless Integration of imKey Hardware Wallet with imToken

              • Users can access all of imToken's services: transfer and trade your digital assets, manage your NFTs, and access the powerful DApp marketplace.

              Best Practices

              • Set a high-strength security PIN code;
              • Copy the binding code accurately and back it up properly;
              • When using imKey for the first time, it is recommended to create a new wallet to ensure its security;
              • Copy the mnemonic accurately and back it up properly, and do not leak it. Once it is leaked or lost, you will not be able to recover your assets;
              • After creating and backing up the wallet, the mnemonic cannot be viewed again, so be sure to securely back it up during the backup process;
              • It is not recommended to import the mnemonic from an online wallet to prevent the risk of asset loss due to accidental data leaks from the online wallet. It is also not recommended to import the imKey-created wallet mnemonic into any networked environment to avoid accidental risks that may cause asset loss.

              Risk Reminder: Hardware wallets are not absolutely safe. "Cold" isolated hardware wallets are safe.

              How to Effectively "Cold" Isolate

              • Avoid using hardware wallets to participate in Defi projects, especially unknown projects;
              • Avoid scanning QR codes with hardware wallets, as there is a risk of authorization;
              • Simplify the usage scenario of hardware wallets as much as possible: the combination of imKey + imToken + Tokenlon can basically meet users' core needs such as storage, transfer, and trading. If you want to experience various types of blockchain projects, it is recommended to set up an independent wallet for risk isolation.

              Best Practices for Safeguarding Digital Assets: imKey Pro Hardware Wallet + Mihe

              • imKey Pro Hardware Wallet: has the highest level of security on the market, offline generation and storage of mnemonics. With imKey, you can buy, sell, and transfer your cryptocurrencies anytime and anywhere.
              • Mihe: the most cost-effective mnemonic keeper, waterproof, fireproof, and corrosion-resistant, completely offline to safeguard your mnemonics and isolate all potential risks.

                How to Buy?

                You can purchase imKey Pro through the following methods:

                Step-by-Step Tutorial


                imKey's vision is to help build a secure blockchain ecosystem and protect your digital assets from infringement. We will weather any storm and adhere to the bottom line of security, accompanying you to explore the world of blockchain!