imKey로 장기적인 비용 절감

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By pairing with imToken,
imKey can be used on your phones.

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군용 등급 CC EAL6+ 보안 칩

오프라인에서 생성된 개인 키

실물 버튼으로 확인된 거래

바인딩 코드 지원

지원되는 PIN 코드

시각적 서명


되돌릴 수 없는 씰


If imKey Is Damaged or Lost

•imKey has security settings such as binding code and PIN code, and there is no risk of direct theft of assets if the hardware is lost;
•If imKey is damaged or lost, you can use the offline backup mnemonic to restore asset management, and there is no risk of asset loss;

If imKey Goes Out of Business

•imKey is a decentralized wallet. Even if imKey stops operating, you can restore asset management through the mnemonic in any decentralized wallet that supports the BIP39 standard.

Offline Backup Mnemonic

•It is recommended that you use the secret mnemonic box (HeirBOX) for offline backup, which is waterproof and fireproof to ensure the safety of the mnemonic phrase;
•Tips: Never let anyone else know your mnemonic.

Keep Your Crypto Safer, Right Now!

Easy to Done Within 5 minutes

Click to view the unboxing video, easy to use imKey.

Manage Your Private Keys Offline

Based on the security chip, the private key is generated and stored offline, which is more secure.

Connect imToken to Better Explore Blockchain

The imKey hardware wallet can integrate with the imToken wallet or any other wallet for offline transaction signing.

Don’t leave your coins in danger.

imKey, The Best Hardware Wallet To Store Your Digital Assets.