imKey Secret Box - 복구 시드를 위한 물리적 백업
imKey Secret Box - 복구 시드를 위한 물리적 백업
imKey Secret Box - 복구 시드를 위한 물리적 백업
imKey Secret Box - 복구 시드를 위한 물리적 백업
imKey Secret Box - 복구 시드를 위한 물리적 백업
imKey Secret Box - 복구 시드를 위한 물리적 백업
imKey Secret Box - 복구 시드를 위한 물리적 백업


imKey Secret Box - 복구 시드를 위한 물리적 백업

판매 가격$39.99 USD 정가$59.99 USD

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imKey Secret Box는 암호화 지갑 복구 시드를 보호하는 가장 안전한 방법을 제공하며, 복구 문구를 해커 및 기타 예기치 않은 손상으로부터 물리적으로 보호합니다.

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비밀 상자 사이퍼 시드 보드
비밀 상자 사이퍼 시드 보드
비밀 상자 사이퍼 시드 보드
비밀 상자 사이퍼 시드 보드

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Not Your Key, Not Your Coins.

Not Your Key, Not Your Coins.

imKey HeirSBOX S1
Keep mnemonic words in your hands and away from risks.
& Corrosion Resistant
Impact Resistant

Waterproof and Corrosion Resistant

ImKey heirbox is made of 304 stainless steel, fully waterproof and resistant to various types of corrosion.


The average temperature of house fire is 1500°F / 815°C, while imKey HeirSBOX S1 melting point is 2548°F / 1398°C.
ImKey heirbox can definitely protect your seed against relentless house fire.

Impact Resistant

The letter cover plate and the box body are fastened by 6 bolts, and the A/B box body is formed as a whole by two sets of buckles, which effectively avoids the displacement of the letter
block during severe impact.


Support additional lock, effectively prevent privacy.

Easy to use, easy to recover.

A/B double-sided storage supports 12, 18, and 24-word
recovery mnemonic phrase.

According to the BIP39 protocol, the first 4 letters are unique to each mnemonic phrase. Thus backing up the first 4 letters is sufficient.

Completely upgrade, reassuring choice

HeirBOX S1 x 1

Screwdriver x 1

Metal letters plates x 3

Screws x 3

irreversible seals x 2

Guide x 1

installation Guide

Step 1

Rotate counter-clockwise to open HeirSBOX S1

Step 2

Unscrew the cover panel

Step 3

Open the cover panel

Step 4

Place characters onto HeirBOX S1

Step 5

Close and screw the panels together

Step 6

Use a lock or irreversible seal to seal HeirBOX S1


Size: 105mm x 60mm x 6mm
Weight: 210g
Packaging material : EVA

304 stainless steel case and character block

Number of characters:
252 blocks with English characters on both sides, adds to 504 characters in total

What are you still waiting for?

Get your HeirBOX S1 for safety upgrade!