A safer offline asset management solution

A safer offline asset management solution

A safer offline asset management solution is a storage solution of hardware wallet + mnemonic password box

For digital assets, mnemonic words are the most important security information. When storing mnemonic words, we must pay attention to the following two points:

  1. Once the mnemonic words are lost, no one can retrieve the lost digital assets.
  2. Once the mnemonic words are leaked, others will have control over your digital assets.

According to related data, 66.3% of all digital asset attacks were caused by mnemonic word leaks resulting from remote attacks in a networked environment, leading to asset theft. So how can we avoid such attacks and ensure the security of our assets?

Small assets can be stored in software wallets, while large assets can be stored in hardware wallets.

This is the industry-recognized optimal asset management solution. Generating and storing your mnemonic words in a hardware wallet in an offline environment is a safer choice!

imToken recommends a dual-protection offline asset management solution provided by imKey:

First Protection: Generate and store mnemonic words offline in an offline environment, and transactions require offline physical confirmation.

imKey Pro hardware wallet (cold wallet) provides an excellent offline asset storage solution, ensuring that your mnemonic words are generated offline and stored offline in an environment without network connectivity, eliminating online risks! At the same time, physical key signature confirmation is required for transfers, similar to a bank U-disk, ensuring secure and reliable operations!

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Second Protection: Mnemonic words are backed up offline on physical media.

The imKey mnemonic word protection box provides an excellent physical media offline mnemonic word storage method, using stainless steel throughout, waterproof, fireproof, and corrosion-resistant, avoiding various unexpected situations in offline storage and ensuring the security of your mnemonic words!

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