How to Reset imKey?

How to Reset imKey?

This article introduces the method of resetting the imKey hardware wallet and the situations where resetting is needed, such as forgetting the PIN code, binding code, or creating/restoring other wallets. Before resetting, it is necessary to back up the mnemonic phrase of the imKey wallet to avoid asset loss. There are two methods to reset imKey: imKey will automatically reset after five consecutive incorrect PIN code attempts, or select reset in the settings menu, enter the PIN code and confirm.

When should I reset imKey?

  • Forget the PIN code and can not unlock your imKey device.
  • Forget the binding code and can not bind your imKey device with imToken.
  • Re-create or restore another wallet at imKey

Note: please confirm that you have backed up the mnemonic of your imKey wallet before resetting. Otherwise, your assets will be lost.

How to Reset imKey?

There are two ways to reset:

1. Enter a wrong PIN code five times, and then your imKey will be reset.

2. Enter your PIN code to unlock imKey. Then, click “OK” and choose “Settings” to enter the settings screen and select "Reset", enter the PIN code and confirm.