What is the Binding Code and How to Check it?

What is the Binding Code and How to Check it?

What is the Binding Code of imKey?

A binding code is an 8-digit random combination of letters and numbers that is used to bind imKey with imToken and imKey Manager. This helps prevent unauthorized access to imKey. It is important to keep a backup of the binding code in case imKey needs to be re-bound in the future.

Note: If you encounter a situation where you need to unpair, log out of imToken, uninstall imToken, or change your phone, you will need to use the binding code to re-bind imKey.

How to check the binding code?

Situation 1: imKey is not yet bound

Complete the binding of imKey with imToken and properly back up the binding code.

Situation 2: imKey is already bound to imToken

View the already backed-up binding code, or open the imToken app > Me > Manage Wallet > imKey > Binding Code (you need to turn on and connect to imKey via Bluetooth).

Situation 3: The original app has been deleted, the app has been re-downloaded, the phone has been changed, etc.

If you do not remember the binding code, you can reset imKey to generate a new binding code.

  1. Ensure that you have backed up the mnemonic phrase associated with the imKey hardware wallet address.
  2. Reset imKey.
  3. Restore the wallet on imKey using the backed-up mnemonic phrase.
  4. Reconnect imKey to imToken via Bluetooth, which will generate a new binding code.
  5. You can record the new binding code or check it before unlinking the phone, which will save the above steps when changing phones.