If I lost imKey, How to recover it?

If I lost imKey, How to recover it?

imKey provides double protection through binding code and PIN verification, ensuring assets are not lost even if the device is lost. If imKey is lost, it is recommended to purchase a new device, recover the wallet using the mnemonic phrase, and re-bind with imToken or import the phrase to another software wallet.

The loss of imKey will not result in the loss of assets.

First of all, imKey's binding code will restrict devices from unknown sources from pairing and binding. At the same time, the PIN code set by the user also provides additional security protection for imKey to prevent imKey from being embezzled by others. The binding code and PIN code provide double protection for imKey's security.

  • imKey uses PIN code verification. If the PIN code is entered incorrectly for more than five consecutive times, the device will automatically reset and clear the private key and other private data.
  • imKey and imToken DAPP are bound one-to-one through the binding code. Without the binding code/mnemonic phrase, the original address cannot be paired successfully.

If the user loses the imKey, we recommend buying a new imKey as soon as possible, rebinding the imToken, and importing the saved wallet backup (mnemonic phrase) to restore the original wallet. (If you are in a hurry, you can use the backup mnemonic to restore the wallet on imToken and perform related transaction operations.)

Special reminder: Be sure to back up the wallet mnemonic, otherwise there is no way to retrieve the wallet assets