imKey Manager FAQ

imKey Manager FAQ

This article mainly introduces the solutions to common problems of imKey Manager, including USB connection issues, usage of imKey Standard Edition, firmware upgrade, security of USB networking, and methods to connect with imToken.

1. Prompt: The USB connection is abnormal?
Re-plug the data cable and check whether the data cable is in good condition;
Check whether the imKey Pro device is in the 「Bluetooth connection」 state, you need to disconnect the Bluetooth connection first;
Try to power on imKey Pro, enter the PIN code and then plug in the USB;
Wait a few seconds after trying to plug in the USB;

2. Can imKey Standard Edition use 「imKey Manager」?
No, only imKey Pro version is supported.

3. What is a firmware upgrade? Why do I need a firmware upgrade? What is the function after firmware upgrade?
The firmware upgrade is to update the operating system of the imKey Pro security chip. The firmware upgrade is to solve some existing bugs of imKey Pro, expand some new algorithms and applications. After the firmware upgrade, the user experience can be improved. Users can use some new functions. Support more currencies.

4. Will it be unsafe after being connected to the USB network?
No, because the 「sensitive data」 stored in imKey Pro has been stored offline in the security chip of the hardware wallet when the wallet was created, which isolates the storage in the network environment. Even if the computer is connected via USB, it will not happen. 「Sensitive data」 interaction, 「security」 issues can be assured.

5. After connecting to 「imKey Manager」, can I still connect to imToken?
Yes, the imKey Pro version supports USB/Bluetooth connection. After backing up the 「binding code」, you can switch the PC/mobile connection at any time.