How to transfer assets from imToken to imKey?

How to transfer assets from imToken to imKey?

This article explains how to transfer assets from imToken to imKey hardware wallet. After binding imKey with imToken, users can manage their assets on imKey. For example, to transfer USDT from imToken's TRX wallet to imKey's TRX wallet, users need to copy the wallet address from imKey's TRX wallet, paste it into imToken's TRX wallet, and enter the transfer amount and password. Users also need to ensure that their TRX wallet has enough energy and bandwidth for the transfer.

After your imKey is paired with imToken, if you want to manage the assets in your imToken wallet with imKey, please follow the tutorial below to transfer the assets from imToken to imKey.

Take USDT in the TRX wallet as an example here.

1. Open imToken, click the menu button in the upper left corner to enter the "Select Wallet" page, and then click TRX under “imKey Hardware Wallet”.

2. Click "Receive" and copy the wallet address.

3. Return to the Select Wallet page and click TRX under “Wallets under identity”.

4. Click "Transfer" and select USDT, paste the address you just copied and enter the transfer amount, click "Next" and enter the password, wait for a while and you can see the token you transferred in your imKey TRX wallet.

Note: Transferring USDT using TRX wallets requires energy and bandwidth. If there is no energy and bandwidth in your TRX wallet, please transfer 50-100 TRX to your TRX wallet. A small amount of TRX will be automatically burned to offer the bandwidth and energy required for the transfer.