What is an account?

What is an account?

imToken Account

In a broad sense, an account is a user's vehicle for managing tokens. It provides users with a means to manage tokens while ensuring accurate recording and viewing of token state changes.

In imToken, accounts are derived from wallets and are used for token management. Each account has a unique address or account name and supports displaying the transaction records and balance of tokens. It allows users to receive, store, and send specific types of tokens. 


Characteristics of an imToken Account

Each account in the imToken wallet has a unique derivation path, enabling users to:

  1. Add accounts for different public chains to manage tokens across multiple chains within the same wallet.
  2. Add sub-accounts for the same public chain to segregate tokens on a single chain within the same wallet.

This design allows a wallet to derive multiple accounts, including multi-chain, multi-network, and multi-level accounts, providing users with better privacy, security, and backup convenience.

How to Add an Account?

  1. Click "My Profile" - " Manage wallets", select the paired imKey hardware wallet, and then click "Add" to add an account.

  2. ImKey supports Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) by default. To add other networks, ensure that your mobile phone's Bluetooth has successfully connected to your imKey first. Next, locate the "App Management" section within the imKey management interface. From there, install the network you wish to add (using the addition of the CKB public chain as an example).

  3. After installing the required public chain, return to the "imKey Management" screen and click "Add account" to proceed with adding an account. Upon completion, click on the account name at the top left corner on the asset homepage to view and manage all accounts that have been added to your wallet.

Instructions for Switching Accounts

On the wallet's asset homepage, clicking the account name at the top left corner will display all the added accounts. To switch between accounts, simply click on the account you want on the "Select account" page.

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