Identity Wallet

Identity Wallet

imToken is a multi-chain wallet, where a set of mnemonic phrases can derive wallets from different networks, such as BTC wallet, ETH wallet, etc. The term "identity wallet" refers to this group of wallets.

Points to note:

  • The passwords for the various wallets under the identity wallet are all the same, set by the user when creating / restoring the identity wallet;
  • Apart from the identity wallet, any other additional created / added wallets all need separate backups of mnemonic phrases;
  • Upon exiting the identity wallet, all other additionally created / added wallets and cold wallets will also exit. Therefore, before exiting the identity wallet, be sure to back up the mnemonic phrases of the relevant wallets.

The reason why the app must first log in to the identity wallet before pairing with the hardware wallet

First, it's important to clarify that the imToken identity wallet is a hot wallet, while the wallet created with the imKey hardware wallet is a cold wallet. These two wallets are independent and managed by different mnemonic phrases.

Considering that the safest way to manage assets is to use cold and hot wallets separately, users are first guided to establish an identity wallet, and then the app can pair with the hardware wallet. The hot wallet can be used for contract interaction, and the cold wallet is for storing large assets. The separation of cold and hot wallets can maximize the security of the user's assets.

Note: If you want to use the identity wallet, please make sure to keep the mnemonic phrases of the identity wallet safe to avoid asset loss. If you do not use the identity wallet, follow the app's instructions to log into the identity wallet and then complete the pairing of the hardware wallet with the app.