NFTPlay mini 10.1" NFT 画框
NFTPlay mini 10.1" NFT 画框
NFTPlay mini 10.1" NFT 画框
NFTPlay mini 10.1" NFT 画框
NFTPlay mini 10.1" NFT 画框
NFTPlay mini 10.1" NFT 画框
NFTPlay mini 10.1" NFT 画框
NFTPlay mini 10.1" NFT 画框


NFTPlay mini 10.1" NFT 画框

销售价格$168.00 USD

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Show your exclusive NFTs

Showcase your exclusive NFT easily in an exceptional way in real life with connection to your crypto wallet.Chains supported: Available on Ethererum, Polygon. Coming soon on BSC, Solana, Avalanche and Flow.

Picture Perfect Vibrant Color

An anti-glare and true color IPS screen capture every last detail of your NFT.It support the most common image and video formats.

Convenient APP-based control

You can effortlessly control NFTPlay via APP on your phone.

Claim Pass to redeem privileges

With Pass you can contribute to ecosystem construction and enjoy more privileges.

Diversified ecosystem with abundant features

We will spare no effort to build an NFT ecosystem, and will introduce such features as NFT storage, NFT Aggregator, and NFT display in various scenes.

Operational Guidelines


Connect to Wi-Fi

You can connect your NFTPlay to Wi-Fi using the attached remote. NFTPlay will save your network details for the next casting. You can control your NFTPlay from anywhere in the world.


Set up Your Wallet

To get started with the NFTPlay App, you’ll need to connect NFTPlay to one of your NFT wallets (e.g. Metamask), and the App will automatically identify the relevant NFT data in the wallet.


Scan QR Code

Download the official NFTPlay App, and scan the QR code provided by NFTPlay to connect the device to the App.


Show Your NFTs

You may project an NFT onto any number of NFTPlay screens. With NFTPlay, you can control the border color, image fitness, slideshow duration, volume, etc.


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