How to Setup imKey HeirBOX P1

How to Setup imKey HeirBOX P1

Here you can learn about the steps to use Secret Box Pro, as well as some best practices for backing up sensitive information.

Secret Box Pro is a pocket-sized secret key backup toolkit containing:

  • Secret Box Pro *1
  • Character block set *1 (520 blocks, 1040 characters)
  • Screwdriver *1
  • Extra screw *3
  • Instruction card *1
  • Seal sticker *1
  • Block extractor *1

After confirming that the accessories in the box are complete, you can start to assemble.

Easy instructions for assembling your Secret Box Pro

1. Open the Secret Box Pro

Fan out the front panel

2. Unlock the cover panel

Use a screwdriver to loosen the 8 screws

3. Open the cover panel

Fan out the cover panel

4. Enter your characters

There are 520 character blocks in the box with characters engraved on both sides of each block, making a total of 1040 characters.

Find the character you want to use from the character block kit, poke it down with a screwdriver and enter the character into the box. If you need to extract a block from the box, you can use Block Extractor to get it out.

If you want to use Secret Box Pro to store a BIP39 mnemonic, please enter only the first 4 letters of each word. For example, if you want to enter the word “abandon”, you only need to enter “aban”. (For words with only three letters, you can use a blank block to fill the space.)
Both sides of the box can be used to store sensitive information such as mnemonics, private keys and binding codes. 

Note: BIP39 is a protocol proposed by blockchain developers for the convenience of users to keep their secret keys. Majority of the mainstream wallets follow the BIP39 protocol to generate mnemonics. BIP39 has 2048 common English words and the first 4 letters of each word are different(including the words that only have 3 letters), which means that  you can get the full word of the mnemonic using only the first 4 letters.

Best Practice of Sensitive Information Backup

Note: You can store the last 8 characters of an address for differentiating wallets.

For better protection from prying eyes and theft, each character grid has its unique number which allows users to encrypt the stored keys by using their own encryption algorithm (please remember your own encryption algorithm carefully).

For example, you can encrypt the mnemonic by swapping the character blocks of E3 and F6, E4 and G6, E5 and H6. So that even if others get your box, your assets are still safe because they can’t get your mnemonic without knowing your encryption algorithm.


Please make sure to backup your encryption algorithm. Keep it and Secret Box Pro in different places.

5. Close the Secret Box Pro

Close the cover panel, tighten the 8 screws, and close the front panel.

6. Use Lock or Irreversible Seal

Use locks or irreversible seals to be anti-peeping.