Mnemonic Phrase

Mnemonic Phrase

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Mnemonic Phrase is another form of expressing a plaintext private key. They were first proposed by the BIP39 proposal with the purpose of helping users remember and copy complex private keys easily.

Mnemonic Phrase generally consist of 12, 15, 18, 21, or 24 words, which are all taken from a fixed word library. The order of the words is also generated according to a certain algorithm, so users don't have to worry about generating an address by randomly entering 12 words.

If anyone obtains your mnemonic Phrase, they can easily take away your assets. Therefore, after backing up your mnemonic Phrase, users must pay attention to three points:

  1. Use physical media for backup as much as possible, such as writing them down on paper with a pen or using the imKey Mnemonic-Box. Avoid using screenshots or storing them on internet-connected devices to prevent being stolen by hackers.
  2. Verify the correctness of the backup mnemonic words multiple times. If you make a mistake in copying one or two words, it will be very difficult to recover the correct mnemonic words later.
  3. Keep the backup Mnemonic Phrase safe and recommend backing up multiple copies and taking anti-theft and anti-loss measures.