imKey Hardware Wallet Firmware Upgrade Tutorial

Important note

  • Only imKey Pro version supports firmware upgrade; (refer to the figure below to identify imKey Standard Edition/Pro Edition)
  • This firmware upgrade needs to be completed on the computer.

Firmware upgrade hands-on tutorial

Download and install imKey Manager.

  1. Open the download page of imKey official website and click "Download" under imKey Manager.
2. After the download is complete, double-click the installation package and wait for the installation to complete.

Connect imKey Pro

  1. Open imKey Manager and click "Use Now".
  1. Connect imKey Pro to your computer using a USB cable and click the Connect button
  2. Enter your PIN in imKey Pro and wait for the connection to complete
  1. Enter the binding code to enter the main interface of imKey Manager

Firmware upgrade

Note: Firmware upgrade may take some time, make sure to unplug the USB cable after the upgrade is complete.
  1. Go to the imKey Manager homepage and click "Settings" on the left and click "Upgrade".
  2. Click the "OK" key in imKey Pro to confirm the upgrade and enter the PIN code to wait for the upgrade to complete
Note: This upgrade includes Bluetooth and firmware upgrades and requires two PIN entries.
  1. Open Phone Settings - Bluetooth - find the corresponding imKey device name and click "Ignore This Device".
  2. Return to the previous page and click "Allow New Connections".
  3. Open the imToken App to re-pair the imKey. If it prompts "The binding information of this device has changed, please unpair it first", please unpair it first and then re-pair it.
Warm reminder: If you encounter any problems during the upgrade process, you can contact us through the official email .