After-Sales Policy

imKey After-Sales Policy

According to the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Rights and Interests of Consumers and Product Quality Law of the People’s Republic of China and other laws and regulations, this imKey After-Sales Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) is applicable to Users who purchase imKey Products in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan). For avoidance of doubt, this Policy is governed by the laws and regulations of mainland China and applies only to mainland China. For avoidance of doubt, if Users purchase imKey Products from countries or regions outside of mainland China, they can refer to this Policy, except as may be expressly provided in the laws of the countries or regions where Users reside in to the contrary.

1. The Warranty Period of imKey Products is one (1) year, calculated from the date of confirming receipt of imKey Products by Users;

2. In the Warranty Period, Users may enjoy following after-sales services with Warranty Certificate and invoice to be provided:

  • (1)Within seven (7) days from User’s confirming receipt of imKey Product, User may choose to accept a same replacement of imKey Product or return it, conditional upon imKey Team’s verification that the imKey Product is in intact (including but not limited to the condition that imKey Product has not been activated or tried out) and there is no human-caused performance failure or appearance defect. User shall return a valid purchase certificate together with a complete set of imKey Product and its accessories (including imKey device, USB charging cable, User Manual, etc). User shall also return all gifts (if any) and ensure it will not affect resale of the imKey Product.

  • (2)For avoidance of doubt, imKey Products’ value will be largely diminished after activation or trial use. Therefore, the abovementioned seven (7) days returning and replacing policy in Article 2(a) is not applicable to the imKey Products which have been activated or tried out.

  • (3)For security reasons, imKey Products will not provide any form of repair services. If the imKey Product received has non-human caused product quality problems within the Warranty Period, after verification, imKey Team will offer a same replacement of imKey Product for free if required.

  • (4)The imKey Team shall bear the freight for returning or replacement of imKey Products due to non-human caused product quality problems; Users shall self-bear the freight for returning or replacement of imKey Products due to non-product quality problems.

  • (5)Prior to returning or replacing the imKey Product, Users shall make sure to erase all data in it and backup their Mnemonic Phrase and PIN code; otherwise, all possible consequences arising therefrom (including but not limited to suffering hacker attacks, loss of digital assets, loss or leakage of data, etc.) shall be borne by Users.

3. Users may not enjoy warranty service of imKey Products under following circumstances (including but not limited to):

  • (1)After verification of the serial number, the returned or replaced Product is not a genuine imKey Product;

  • (2)The imKey Team reasonably determines that there is no quality problem with the imKey Product, including but not limited to normal discoloration and wear during usage of the Product, non-compatibility of imKey Products with the software wallet and/or mobile device etc used by User.

  • (3)Exceeding the Warranty Period;

  • (4)The Product is damaged due to human-caused reasons by User or other third parties (including but not limited to failing to use, maintain, keep the Product etc as required by the User Manual);

  • (5)Failing to return a complete set of imKey Product, accessories or gifts at the time of returning;

  • (6)The failure may be solved by upgrading the Product;

  • (7)The Warranty Certificate and/or invoice provided by User do(es) not meet the requirements;

  • (8)Damage caused by fire, flood, lightning and other force majeure;

  • (9)Other conditions specified in applicable laws, regulations and policies.

For details of After-Sales Policy of imKey Products, Users may refer to notices and announcements posted on official website ( from time to time or consult customer service staff of official website (